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andyliduscore:4.3 / 52022-01-28
The room is large and the facilities are disappointing, especially the bathroom is unpleasant and it is convenient to eat at the door
abs315score:4.8 / 52022-01-25
The geographical location and environment are very good
CindyXuscore:5.0 / 52022-01-23
Good, very comfortable
Tobaccomanscore:5.0 / 52022-01-21
The environment is great and unique, the facilities are complete, the surrounding environment is very convenient and has the characteristics of Beijing. It's convenient to go anywhere near the subway station, and I will live here when I go to Beijing in the future.
mofliscore:4.8 / 52022-01-20
Here we are. The location is OK. As it was my first stay, I was upgraded to a suite. The suite was very good. It was big enough for friends to come and play together. It was very comfortable. Can you upgrade me next time?
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